Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#9. Tony Packo's

This is the original Tony Packo's Cafe in Toledo. My boss prefers this one to the one downtown by the ballpark, because that one is, "filled with too many yuppy lawyer types" at lunchtime. I have to agree that there is some charm missing from the new ballpark Packo's, but the food is still the same.

Speaking of the food, Tony Packo's features Hungarian specialties, such as their signature hotdog with chili and pickles & peppers. I personally, am a fan of their stuffed cabbage. Their mac and cheese is tasty as well.

I think Packo's is great and all, but when I'm craving meat on meat, what I really want is Skyline Chili, which is still on my list of places to review. Trust me, an upcoming special is planned, but I need to drive myself 2ish hours away to get to a Skyline these days.

Tony Packo's is Toledo tradition at its finest. It was mentioned several times in the show M*A*S*H, and famous people from Jamie Farr to former presidents have eaten there, and signed their names on a hotdog bun to be memorialized on the wall forever.

Paired with a day at the zoo or a Mud Hens game, Tony Packo's definately gives you a taste you won't find anywhere else! You might have to be a true Toledoan to fall in love, but it's definately an experience to try.

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