Monday, April 14, 2008

#10. The Jewel of Toledo

I have had good and bad experiences with Indian food, but I am pleased to tell you the Jewel was one of the good ones. There are only two Indian places in Toledo, which makes me miss Cincinnati, where there are decent Indian places all over the city. I could not wait for my appetizer, Aloo Tiki:

Now, if you're not familiar with Indian food, you'll find that a lot of it looks like green mush (usually saag (spinach)), orange mush (could be anything from masala to curry) or hot pink (tandoori chicken). I usually frequent the Indian buffets, which are sometimes labeled, sometimes not, and it usually doesn't matter anyway, since I am really bad at remembering the names of things.

Back to my appetizer - it was basically a samosa (potatoes and veggies), only less fried, covered in a spicy green sauce, and served over crispy wonton-ish strips, covered in yogurt and strawberry (maybe?) sauce. It sounds odd, but it was DELICIOUS!! Two of my dining partners ordered the aloo tiki, and one had the samosa appetizer.

On to the main course!! I usually get chicken tikka masala, which is kind of pathetic, since it's not really that authentic (it was invented in London, apparently), but I don't care, because it is damn tasty!!!! Also, half the time, I could say screw the chicken, and I'd just eat the sauce and rice for hours and hours (another reason I'm a fan of the buffet!) The Jewel serves the entrees in individual metal bowls, resting on candle holders, so the deliciousness is kept warm while you eat your first helping.

Next time I am going to be smart like my dining buddies, and order a glass of fresh mango juice. It was fabulous!! The Jewel's naan bread was also the best naan I've ever had. It was warm, buttery and soft - the perfect addition to my dinner.

I promise you, Indian food is fabulous!! At least try it once, for me. And take me with you, if you're around here!!

INFO: 6711 Airport Hwy Holland, OH 43528. 419-865-9500.

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Brittany said...

I agree, it was amazing! Let's go back soon!