Tuesday, April 15, 2008

#11. Bridge Walking

When I started this blog, the orginal goal was to go out and experience all the fun things, new to me or otherwise, so I could write fresh blogs. Great idea I had to start this in the winter, right? Anyway, just for fun, today I bring you a fun thing from last summer, that was unfortunately a one-time event - walking the new 280 bridge in downtown Toledo.

I have this friend, J, who is amazing for several reasons, including her love of doing semi-nerdy things such as going to bridge dedication events. I had been excited about the bridge opening for a couple of weeks. The City powers that be were planning a fun run across the bridge, a dedication ceremony, and then the rest of the day, they would allow pedestrians to walk across it, before opening it to the first vehicles that evening. It sounded fun to me, but I feared my not so nerdy friends would think I had really lost it this time. Luckily, I received a phone call early in the morning, the day of the bridge spectacular. Normally, such a phone call on a Saturday morning would not be a welcome occurance, HOWEVER, it turned out to be J, asking me to not make fun of her, and would I be at all interested in attending said bridge festivities. Well OF COURSE I would!!!

We headed downtown, and found the special shuttle buses that would take us up on the bridge, let us off to walk across it, and then collect us at the other end to return us to the parking area. It was a beautiful day, and J and I (and some of her family who came as well) took tons of pictures, and relished in The Most Exciting Day in Toledo, 2007.


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Still walking the streets I see:)

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