Sunday, February 24, 2008

#6. Lenten Fish Frys

One of my favorite things to do during Lent is attend a local fish fry. For those of you who may not know, Lent is the time leading up to Easter, where one of the things Catholics to do prepare for Easter is give up meat on Fridays. As a sometimes-vegetarian, this isn't too hard for me, especially when the alternative is spending around $8 for a lovely plate of fish, a baked potato, coleslaw and macaroni and cheese!

Fish frys are also great, because you can attend them and just about any Catholic church, and it's fun to go around to the different ones nearby, and see how they all compare. There are always a wide range of friendly people to chat with while enjoying your fish, and going to different places every Friday ensures a fun new group of fish enthusiasts to converse with.

When I lived in (heavily Catholic) Cincinnati, the newspaper would publish a list of all the 'best' fish frys, and how they compared in categories such as price, all you can eat vs. one serving, and the variety of sides offered. In this town, it's all on me to decide where I should go each week, and who has the best value for money. Trust me, I don't mind a bit!

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Brittany said...

AMEN! I love all finding a yummy all you can eat fish fry! Whats better than unlimited fish, beer, and coleslaw....nothing!