Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#2. Encourage diversity

This is a photo taken for my niece's Catholic school project. She and her fellow Kindergarteners colored pictures of Stella or Stanley, and sent them off to friends and relatives to take photos with Stella/Stanley and famous local landmarks. Here I am, with Stella behind the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo. Anyone who has ever driven up I-75 has seen this giant, beautiful mosque. It was probably the most famous religious landmark along 75 until Big Butter Jesus was constructed:

You might be interested to learn that Big Butter Jesus is off the same exit as the Hustler store - just in case you need to stop off to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and purchase Willy Wanker in Her Chocolate Factory in under 15 minutes.

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Lindsay said...

Holy Toledo - the big Butter Jesus made the cut....wooohoooo ~ seriously. we make a point to comment on this statue EVERY trip back to the OH - both ways - coming and going!!! ha :)