Saturday, January 26, 2008

More than babies, beer, and buckeyes!

Hello, and welcome, random internet strangers (and a few friends!) A blog about Ohio, eh? Well, why not? At times, I have even fallen into the "There's nothing to DO here!" trap. This will be my attempt to show you, fellow Ohioans, and those not from these parts that there are more exciting things to do here than to have babies (however lovely they may be), drink beer (again, lovely, but there's more to life... sometimes...) and buckeyes (and thank god for that. PS. Sorry OSU fans, but from here on out, the only buckeyes I will be referring to are the chocolate/peanut butter confections or the trees. I am still bitter about some certain NCAA happenings...)

SO, if you're FROM Ohio, or just happen to live here, take a little read, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, thinking about all the fun things you could be doing, instead of dorking around on the internet. ALSO, if I have ever met you in a far away land, and we have had the following conversation:

You: So, you're from the states? Which one?
Me: Ohio.
You: Ohio?? I've been to California! Is that near??
Me: Um...

then maybe you can learn something here....

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Brittany said...

So wait. Here I am drinking beer, popping out babies, and watching football...and you are telling me, ALL THIS TIME, I could have been OUTSIDE doing things? Like, fun things? Way to keep the secret Amy, now I gotta go find a couple strollers, a cooler with wheels and a portable tv.