Friday, October 24, 2008

#18. How 'bout them apples?

I am almost ashamed to admit this, particularly since now that I think about it, I do remember learning in the seventh grade that not only was Johnny Appleseed the namesake of one of my favorite graces in Girl Scouts, he was also an actual person who roamed Ohio planting apple trees, but I just recently (ok, last year) learned that real, eating apples (not just crab apples) grow in Ohio.
And you can pick them!
Or rather, go somewhere, pay someone $14, and go out in their orchard and pick apples.
My friends and I were hoping to make this a fall tradition, but this year, despite it being 80 degrees the second week in October, was a little late for the self-pick. We did not leave disappointed though - the best part of 'apple picking' is the apple cider slushie and freshly made apple fritter you can enjoy afterward anyway! (These pics are from last year's expedition).

C is for CRUNK!

INFO: Macqueen Orchards - Holland, Ohio,, open year-round except major holidays. Pick your own apples the last week of September - second week of October.

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Emily said...

Yeah, apple picking was lame this year. We'll have to try going earlier next year (or try a new orchard).