Saturday, May 24, 2008

#15. Beer and Baseball.

If there was ever any doubt in anyone's mind that I was a true American, the fact that my idea of a perfect day is a cold beer at the ballpark should put that idea to rest. I am even so patriotic that I leave my pseudo-vegetarianism at home to partake in the deliciousness of stadium hotdogs. (I know, I know...)
So far this season, I've attended a Toledo Mudhens game, and three Indians games. I hope to make it to a Reds game as well this summer, to complete the trifecta. And to see if those macho chauvanists Mr. Red and Mr. Red Legs will let Miss Red win the freakin' race, EVER!! (Here is Mr. Ketchup kicking Onion and Mustard's asses in the hotdog race at Cleveland. I refuse to call it Progressive Field. Seriously? Gahh!)
GO TRIBE!!! Hopefully your offense shows up tonight, and the umps learn how to properly call a home run!!!!

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Brittany said...

Oh good post, and awesome pics! This reminds me how badly I need to attend a game...stat!